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Vaudeville halloween

Me and my friends Jowan Sebastian, Tom Brimson and Liam Dennis wanted to organise a night that could double as a showcase for fun interactive things that we wanted to make. Halloween seemed like a good night for that. With the help of Jack Williams, we put on the night at 5 below. My addition … Continue reading

Island sunset

Is Land floating island

This is some info on the creation of this island project. More info on the project itself can be found at For the summer festivals, me and my friend Sarah Cockings wanted to make an art piece to take along with us. The idea of Is Land, a floating island sculpture was born. We … Continue reading

Varying depth test piece

Embossing stamps

I was asked by Robin Mackay and Paul Chaney, who work in the workshop next door to me, whether I would be able to produce a set of embossing stamps for an upcoming issue of Robin’s philsophical journal, Collapse. I had never done this before, but I’m pretty interested in printing techniques, so jumpedĀ  at … Continue reading

Front view

Mario light

It was my friend Scott’s birthday and I was wondering what to get when I thought about the idea of this coin cube light from Mario, then I thought it would be good to add in a sound effect for when it turns on and off. Below is a video showing it going on and … Continue reading

Finished board

LED card

I’ve been thinking about making an SMD LED card for a while and as my friends Ky and Jenny were departing from Falmouth for Brighton, I though it would make for a good present. Here’s a video of the finished thing. I started by drawing out the circuit schematic in Eagle. I based it around … Continue reading

Here it is

Corian printing blocks

So being slightly less than gleeful about my cash situation for christmas towards the end of a recent holiday in Morocco, I decided to make some olive tapenade as a gift for friends. Olives are plentiful, cheap and very tasty in Morocco and I really like homemade tapenade, so I bought a few kilo’s back, … Continue reading

The Christmas Sandwich

This isn’t a post about stuf that I’ve made but it’s a link to a video for a song by a good friend of mine, Chris. I’m sure you’ll find it highly enjoyable.

Magnetic musings

Normally my posts are a bit more conclusive than this one, but I fancied logging it (blogging). I’ve got an idea for a project involving lots of little neodynium magnets. They’re pretty cool and I’ve been wanting for some ideas involving them to pop into my head for ages and now I’ve got a couple. … Continue reading

How i learnt to knead time, or my arduino intervalometer

So I made a Intervalometer for my Canon 400d camera at last. It’s another one that’s been in the endlessly long pipeline for a while. I based it on the wonderful Arduino and got a bit of code off the person that made the Intervaluino whic can be found here. It was an excersize in … Continue reading

Gazebo geodome

I’ve been wanting to make a geodesic dome for years but as usual it’s taken me a long time to get round to it. I originally wanted to make one from tent poles after seeing so many tent left behind at Glastonbury festival to go to waste. But after realising that to make one with … Continue reading