Pulsing LED ping pong ball

So it was my friend Scott’s birthday and I thought he deserves a pressie so I made him this pulsing ping pong ball thing. I originally wanted to have an RGB LED cycle through a load of colours sort at random similar to the processing sketch I did here. I didn’t know how to code the PIC chip to do that though so I just borrowed Jowan’s one that he’d made to puls on and off and routed 3 switches through the red green and blue connectors of the LED.

I realised that I could hide the word if it is written in ink that’s the same colour as the light, so blue text dissappears under blue light. That’s cool but it just hides one out of three words. I think it’d be better if it hid 2, so only 1 shows. Maybe if I wired the LED so that each switch lights up 2 colours to produce cyan, magenta and yellow, it would only light up 1 of the words. Next time next time.

Pretty pointless and shamelessly geeky but Scott seemed to be not too offended so that’s OK.


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