Fisheye Goggles!! (wonkoculars)

So I’d had this idea to make some fisheye goggle for ages, pretty much since when I first got a fisheye adapter lens and held it up to one eye. It gives such a lush distorted view of everything around. The problem is that you have to hold it up to your eye, so you can’t really feel your way in the world, and of course you’re only seeing in 2D with one lens. Fisheye lenses really play on perspective, which needs 3 dimensions for the full hit.

I bought some ski goggles because I reckon they’re comfiest thing to put in front of your eyes and bodged together mounting two lenses onto them. As long as the lenses point in a parallel direction they look good. If they’re not parallel it all looks out of focus. I mounted all the screws concentrically so that light reflects along their length and intensifies. Nah they’re just to hold the lens in and look a bit wacky! Mental!!!!!1

It’s quite hard to appreciate what it’s like to wear them just from mundane two dimensional  photos. Once you try them on, your world will expand! I’m planning on making some more for friends who have asked me to. If anyone is interested, I reckon they’ll probably cost about £100 to buy all the stuff and put them together. Send me an email to laurencesymonds (at) gmail (dot) com


1 thought on “Fisheye Goggles!! (wonkoculars)”

  1. Hi, i know this is quite an old project, but i was wondering if you got used to wearing them after a while? Did it significantly expand your field of view?

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