Straight lamp

I made a fully turned lamp using steel and cherry wood as a Christmas present for my sister and brother-in-law. I got the cherry wood as 2 sections of trunk about 4 years ago from my tree-surgeon house-mate. He cut them down from a tree on Colebrook Row in Islington, London. After letting them season as planks for 3 years, this is the first time I’ve used any of them.

For the design I wanted a tall thin lamp and to use a large round bulb. To make it sturdy  and resistant to being knocked over, the base is solid steel and weighs a number of kilos, but the stem and connector cup are both hollow with thin wall sections. It is made from 3 sections that screw together with the cord going up through the middle. I designed the bottom of the base to have a cover plate that can be used to mount the lamp on any wall or ceiling. The stem has a steel pipe as the core inside the cherry, so it is very rigid. The bulb holder had an earth connection and all the metal parts are touching one another, so the whole lamp is earthed as well, so I guess it would pass a PAT test.

It was fun to make it and I would be up for making more, but it does takes a real long time to finish them.

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